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Bringing Your Pet To Mexico

I want to bring my dog with me to Mexico for a few months.  Do you have the health forms that I need for entry into Mexico?
Marcia R.
St. Louis, MO

Traveling To Mexico With Your Pet

The Mexican Government defines pets as cats and dogs. Traveling to Mexico with your pet requires two simple documents, a Certificate of Good Health, and Proof of Vaccination against rabies and distemper.
You do not need to worry about quarantines when bringing your pet to Mexico. Simply providing the two pieces of documentation will be sufficient to allow entry into and throughout Mexico for your pet.
  • An International Certificate of Good Health (Form 7001) issued by a licensed veterinarian who has examined your pet (valid 30 days after examination).
  • Proof of Vaccination against rabies and distemper, administered at least 15 days before your pet enters Mexico.

Millis Animal Hospital can examine your dog or cat without the need for an appointment or a visit to the Mexican Consulate. Simply print the form and bring it to Millis Animal Hospital with your pet. Have these completed documents ready when for inspection by Mexican border officials.

Returning To The United States With Your Pet

Dogs and cats are subject to inspection at the border and may be denied if they do not appear to be healthy. Therefore, it is a good idea to get a health certificate from your vet. Dogs must also have a certificate showing that they have been vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days prior to entry in the United States.

Regulations are subject to change and the information contained in this post may be inaccurate at the time of your travel. Please check with the Mexican Consulate prior to travel. The Washington, DC, phone number is (202) 728-1600.

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